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The Blessings of an Apartment


I am in my thirties and since I have been on my own as an adult, I have always lived in apartments. I had the apartments with roommates back in college, and shortly after graduating, I decided I was ready to venture out on my own and live alone.

I moved a couple of times throughout my twenties, but for the past five years, I have lived in the same apartment community. When I drove into this community, something just came over me and I knew I had found my home before I had even viewed the floor plan. The leasing agent was so warm and bubbly (first impressions and customer service make a difference in the leasing office!) and her warmth and friendliness were just what I needed. I signed a year lease that day and felt happy I had found a place that I knew could feel like home during what was a transitional time in my life.

Like any new move, the first couple weeks were a transition and it took some time to make it my own and to have it feel like my home. Fast forward five years later, and I am still happy there. I have many of the same neighbors who know me by name and we stop and visit with each other when we are coming and going. My next door neighbor is an elderly gentleman retired from CHP. I feel like he’s my guardian angel. He keeps an eye out for me and my safety and checks on me from time to time.

The majority of my friends are married, expanding their families and buying homes. Although it’s a goal of mine to own a small home one day, it’s just not possible yet. But, you know what? I’m okay with and I have realized it’s a blessing in disguise. Right now, it is less stress financially for me to continue to rent. If something breaks (knock on wood, nothing major ever has), the maintenance man repairs it for me. If something needs to be replaced, I call the office. They also hold fun community events throughout the year for the residents. The other main thing is I feel safe there, and when you’re female and live alone, that’s huge. Being on your own and supporting yourself can be stressful enough, it’s nice to know that I have some help from my apartment managers and it’s not all on me. This frees up my time and worries (because yes, I am somewhat of a worrier) to enjoy other things.

So, if you find yourself in my place, also renting, embrace it and don’t feel bad or guilty that you don’t own a home, or are not in the financial place to own one. Home ownership has its blessings of course, but so does renting. I know for me, no matter where I am, I can’t wait to walk through the door of the cozy apartment I call “home.”

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